An ideal payment solution for your business
With Liquido you revolutionize the way you receive and make digital payments for your business.
All through a single API integration
We integrate with the most important banks, mobile wallets, and digital media in the region to accept payments.
Collect money in cash through physical points distributed throughout Latin America.
We facilitate sending money through transfers, payroll, payments to suppliers, and non-recurring payments, among other services.
Save time and optimize your processes
We offer simple solutions that allow you to interact directly with the customer and increase the payment acceptance rate.
Take immediate action at the critical moment of the process
Control your operations from a single place
Find the information you need to control your business operations.
Your most secure integration
Reduce fraud and increase your payment acceptance and reliability of your online business.
Automate verification
Avoid fraud
Control the transaction
Why Liquid?
We promote your business to new customers!
We focus our efforts on the growth of your business.
We offer all payment methodologies.
We optimize your processes.
We design tailored solutions.
All through a single API!
Ready to connect your business and grow with Liquido?