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Create your own branded cards

Direct issuing is the process of issuing credit cards by a bank or a financial institution to customers within a specific geographical region. Liquido's issuing solution enables merchants to issue their own branded prepaid cards for online and in-store shopping in local currencies.
Bank card
A branded card in local currency
Customized Design
The card can be customized to have merchant logos printed and card holder name embossed.
Card Nunmber 6738-1234-9873-1083
Maria Silva
Valid Thru 05/25
Card Nunmber 6738-1234-9873-1284
Maria Silva
Valid Thru 05/25
Card Nunmber 6738-1234-9873-1585
Maria Silva
Valid Thru 05/25
Physical and virtual card
A user could have a physical card, a virtual card, or both. The cards under the same user share the same balance and same transaction history. Below is comparison of functionalities between physical and virtual cards:
Physical Card
  • Online Shopping
  • In-Store Shopping
  • ATM Withdrawls
  • Lock & Unlock
  • Funds In & Out
2 - 7 days Card Delivery
Virtual Card
  • Online Shopping
  • In-Store Shopping
  • ATM Withdrawls
  • Lock & Unlock
  • Funds In & Out
When you use Liquido Direct Issuing, you can get the following benefits.
  • Fast issuing
    Direct issuing of prepaid cards allows for faster processing times, as virtual cards can be issued and activated in real-time, and users can receive funds and start to spend right away. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that need to issue cards quickly, such as incentive programs or fast customer onboarding.
  • Seamless shopping experience
    Prepaid cards are a convenient payment method for customers, as they can be used anywhere that accepts debit or credit cards. By directly issuing prepaid cards, businesses can offer their customers a convenient payment option that is available for online purchases, in-store transactions, and more.
  • Easy funds in and out
    Merchants of gig economy businesses can distribute daily earnings in the form of funds to prepaid cards in real time. Funds can then be spent on services, products, groceries, gas, ATM withdrawals, utility bills, and more, without the need for a bank account. Funds can also be transferred out securely at any time.
  • Better control and security
    Businesses gain greater control over cards and the funding flow to the cards, including the ability to set spending limits, monitor usage, re-issue cards when expired, and block them when lost or stolen. This can help to reduce fraud and misuse.
  • Campaign potentials
    Prepaid cards empower businesses to run various campaigns, such as offering cash incentives for registering merchants' Apps, rewarding customer loyalty for users who meet predefined behavior criteria based on their spending habits, or collaborating on collective campaigns with gas stations, fast food chains, and other partners.
Issuing flow
You will need to complete the direct issue of your card by following these steps
Issuing flow
Merchant money flow
Here is a description of the flow of funds to merchants
Money flow
Supported Countries Brazil Brazil

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