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Payment fraud risk management

Smart solutions for safer payments: with Guardian, Liquido helps merchants to fight fraud, stay ahead of emerging risks, and maximize business revenue
Value prop
Liquido's intelligent risk control system focuses on the following to reduce the transaction risk of merchants
  1. Decrease costs from fraudulent customer transactions and prevent chargebacks

  2. Increase precision of transaction approval to maximize business revenue

  3. Improve efficiency of business operations through automation and business insights

  4. React faster to changing trends and emerging fraud patterns

  5. Improve customer experience by quickly and accurately approving legitimate transactions

User friendly dashboard
Review, configure and update in real-time customized rules and processes using a user friendly front end control dashboard
risk dashboard
Powerful business insight charts
Approval insight graphs to quickly and easily find trends and diagnose the root cause for emerging issues
risk charts risk charts
Key features
Liquido's risk system protects your transactions in the following ways
  1. Expert driven intelligent engine

    Machine learning decision engine model copiloted by risk domain experts to deliver immediate value

  2. Effortless deployment of a holistic fraud shield

    One stop shop, with easy implementation of a multi-layered payment fraud prevention approach that incorporates velocity rules, block/trust list functions and other customized rules, and configurable tools such as 3DS and pre-auth

  3. Enhanced fraud detection accuracy

    Post transaction fraud detection that lifts the accuracy and allows proactive mitigation prior to chargebacks

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