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A Secure and convenient digital wallet

Simplify your end user's financialtransactions and ensure their money is always secure
Create a wallet and allow your users to use their balance in a closed-loop business ecosystem
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  • Check balance

    Check available funds in real time

  • Transfer

    Send and receive money in local currency

  • Top-Up

    The fastest way to do phone top-ups

Strengthen brand loyalty, build stronger customer relationships, and encourage increased customer spending

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    You paid $I00 MXN on Your Last Order
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Enable Online payments
By performing a quick and easy know Your Customer (KYC) process, you can unlock a world of convenience for your customers. With your digital wallet, your customers can create an account and start using it to make purchases online in just a few simple steps

A more complete payment solution

  1. Create a new account with your minimal personal information
  2. Basic KYC due diligence
  3. Add products to your basket and buy online
  4. Select your wallet as your payment method
  5. Use the available balance to finalize your purchase

With a couple of extra steps on the onboarding process

Issue physical cards linked to your digital wallet

and allow your customers to buy in physical and digital stores!

wallet card
Customizable debit card for your brand

Customize the cards with the colors and logos of your business.

Physical card linked to your digital wallet

Withdraw money at ATMs or pay with your card in physical stores.while using your digital wallet balance

What is the best solution for me?
  • Closed-Loop

    Own business ecosystem

    Allow users to use their funds in a closed-loop by using their wallet in a group of approved businesses such as

    1. School Bus/Transportation
    2. School Cafeteria
    3. School Tuition
    4. Extra-Curricular Classes
  • Basic KYC

    Variety of merchants

    Fight fraud and enroll customers quickly with a simple KYC process to enable them to use your wallet with multiple merchants

    1. Full name
    2. National ID
    3. Phone number
    4. Email
  • Robust KYC

    Debit/Pre-paid Card

    Run a strong KYC to your customer, issue your own branded debit card and allow them to spend or withdraw their balance using your card

    1. Withdraw money from ATM
    2. Infinite alternatives to use funds
    3. Increase customer loyalty

Ready to Grow Your Business with Liquido?